At Ease Acres Beef Packages

We operate on a Whole Animal basis, meaning that only 1 animal is processed at a time.

Each cow provides a variety of cuts.  Some of these cuts are more prevalent than others.  We do our best to provide packages with equal quality cuts every month.

All package weights are an approx poundage per package as not every cut is the same weight even on the same type of cut.  We do our best to make sure that our packages are as close to the approx total weight as possible.

Please see the available packages for more details.

Our best value pack of all cuts of beef — great stew meats, lovely roasts, and excellent burger, with some prime cuts for special occasions.

From: $127.50/package

Our Burger package is ideal for busy families or life on the go.  This package fits a variety of needs, hearty dinners to family bbq’s!

From: $50.00/package

For those who like to entertain, this package is for you.  It features more prime cuts (steaks and loin cuts) than our family package.

From: $157.50/package

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