Grill Master Package

Perfect for the entertainer, or the person who just loves to grill! An array of entertaining options, this package lets you serve local Angus beef that not only is all natural and pasture raised but tastes amazing!

The Grill Master Package is made up of a larger portion of prime cuts (steaks and loin cuts) with the remaining portion split between stewing/roast cuts and ground meat (also perfect for burgers on the grill!) The Package Comparison chart below details the proportions of prime, roast/stew, and ground cuts.

1-month only order: Approx 15 lbs at $10.50/lb = $157.50 per month

3-month order: Approx 15 lbs at $10.50/lb = $157.50 per month

* With each 3-Month subscription, you will receive a complimentary 1 lb package of Ground Beef.

1-Month-at-a-Time Membership. An easy way to try out our CSA and our great locally raised all natural Angus beef. Also an easy way to change your package choice from one month to the next.

3-Month Subscription Membership. The Subscription is a three-month commitment. We will send you an email/paypal invoice prior to the payment due date. Payment for the full 3 months will need to be received prior to or at the time of pick up for the first month. We have a 100% Satisfaction policy (we’ll replace any cut you’re not happy with). As it is a multi-month process to get your meat from field to table (see the FAQs for more information), we have an Early Cancellation policy of 50% of your product package price.

With each 3-Month subscription, you will receive a complimentary 1 lb. package of Ground Beef.

Membership details

Pick-ups are on the first Tuesday of every month, at our residence between the hours of 9am-12pm and 3pm-5pm. Other pick up times may be available by appointment only. Delivery options may also be available for special circumstances only, please contact us in these situations.

Order deadline is midnight on the 25th of the month before. All payments are through PayPal prior to pick up or by check at the time of pick up. Complete details are on the How It Works page.