AtEase Acres - farm fresh  pasture raised beef

At Ease Acres is a wholesale supplier of all natural beef.  All of our beef is antibiotic and hormone free.  We are a pasture raised, grain finished operation using grains produced by local farmers in our area.  We are very selective about the genetics of our cattle so that we can guarantee the best quality beef with top grading marbling and rib eyes.  We use genomics and dna testing to ensure that the genetics of our herd are producing the best quality of meat. 

The comfort and quality of life of our cattle is our number one priority and we believe this with the selection of high quality genetics and a high quality feeding program of free choice grasses, hay and grain are the foundation to the high quality product we are able to supply our customers. 

At Ease Acres is Beef Quality Assurance certified and all our beef is processed in a USDA and Animal Welfare Approved facility.

At Ease Acres currently supplies several different butcher shops in Manhattan, NY as well as many restaurants also in Manhattan.  We also supply butcher shops in Westchester county, NY and butcher shops and catering companies in Massachusetts. 

Derrick and Nicole DeBoer are always willing to talk about their product and have an extensive network to help with all the logistics of their wholesale beef for their customers. 

Wholesale All Natural Beef